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2 Man Delivery Service
We are the green future of logistics

Green 2 Delivery offers 2 man delivery services throughout the UK.

From basic doorstep delivery, through to room of choice packages with product assembly included, we offer a fully customiseable solution to suit retailer and customer alike.


Last mile delivery? We have it covered.

Green 2 Delivery is on a mission to build a net-zero, carbon neutral 2 man delivery and warehousing network in the UK. A network that is powered and supported by green & renewable energies and business.


By the start of 2023, our aim to be delivering up to 50% of our services by renewable energies, reaching 80% net-zero capability by the end of 2023.


By the end of 2024, our goal is to be 100% Fossil Fuel Free!

Delivery Process

Smiling Man with a Smartphone


1. Consumer Places Order

Order is placed with the retailer/manufacturer and information is sent to Green 2’s order management system.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya


2. Delivery Scheduled

Green 2 schedules a convenient delivery date with the end consumer, via the online booking portal or over the phone via the Green 2 call centre.

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3. Goods Transferred

The goods are received into Green 2 cross-dock facility, scanned and loaded into delivery vans.

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4. Confirmations

You receive several notifications throughout the process, including confirmation of booking, reminder messages and an SMS/email with a tracking link.

Delivery Man


5. Day of Delivery

Driver calls 30-60 minutes prior to arrival. Two-man crew deliver to consumer's room of choice, unpack the item, clean it and remove the packaging.

Delivery Pickup


6. Proof of Delivery

Consumer signature is taken to confirm satisfaction at the point of delivery.

Ready to discover more?


Work for Green2

Green 2 are one of the leading suppliers of nationwide 2 Man Home Delivery Services in the UK.


We are always on the lookout for fantastic people to join our friendly teams. From delivery drivers to office staff to sales executives, we have the right role for you!

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