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As efforts to decarbonise logistics continue to ramp up, logistics businesses are experiencing increased pressure to lower their carbon emissions. Removing diesel powered fleets from UK logistics altogether is no mean feat, and without careful planning, strong infrastructure, and wider industry support, businesses may struggle to achieve this by 2030.

That is where action groups like HGVzero come in. A strong, motivated collaboration of some of the biggest and most influential powers in road haulage have decided to join forces to address critical market challenges, and speed up the decarbonisation process.

For the Green2 team, it was an easy decision to join, having spent the last year collaborating with other EV businesses to promote and develop zero emissions road transport. We are grateful to be able to work on this project alongside some real powerhouses in the UK logistics industry, support the HGV zero emission movement, and further educate other companies to allow them to do the same.

The HGVzero23 programme kicks off on 16th March, with regular meetings and a highly structured framework allowing participants to address issues and promote change. Members are given access to the HGVzero hub, which further supports businesses like Green2 to learn more, and action more.

With 2030 only 7 years away, operations like this are crucial to the logistics industry turnaround, and getting logistics superpowers working together is key to achieving success. We look forward to sharing our findings and achievements throughout the programme.

To find out more about the HGVzero23 programme, visit:

9th February 2023 saw the launch of our first on-site public access charging station, and an open morning session for investors and local businesses to visit and see the setup for themselves. Our first charging station features 4 easily accessible charging spaces at the front of our Head Office, allowing local fleets and EV owners to charge their vehicles throughout their working day.

The Green2 team were on hand throughout the morning to welcome visitors and talk guests through our exciting plans for the coming year. Members of our sales, marketing, training and leadership teams offered a wider insight into the Green2 movement, whilst guests from our clients and suppliers were able to discuss the science and strategy behind EV charging and vehicle integration.

Our open day event featured a range of EVs currently available on the market, including the Mercedes E-Vito van, and the impressive E-Actros 300, an all electric truck, with a range of up to 250 miles. Rygor Commercials kindly provided one of their Maxus EDeliver 9 vans to show visitors and fleet managers other options available to them. The AA also joined us to display how electric vehicles can be used for an efficient breakdown and recovery service, proving that EVs can be adaptable and reliable across every sector.

As a logistics business with a 100% electric fleet target of end of 2024, we understand how crucial local, easy to access charging is to drivers, so it was a real no-brainer for our team to develop a solution that offers a ‘first of its kind’ charging solution in the heart of Saffron Walden's industrial park, which is open to all.

Mobile charging solutions have kindly been provided to Green2 by Vital EV Solutions, allowing for the fast opening of our facilities, prior to static charging setups being installed. Having developed strong relationships with the Vital EV team over our time in the industry, we were delighted to partner with them on this project. Our chargers can be accessed via the Fuuse app, allowing drivers to see which chargers are available, as well as costs and site opening hours.

With collaboration at the core of the Green2 ethos, we are delighted to have taken the first step towards providing both local and national charging solutions, for all. The feedback received from both new and existing contacts has been overwhelmingly positive, and it is great to see so many local businesses and fleets already using EVs.

For those that are currently sat on the fence about the switch to an EV, we hope that by having fast charging solutions on their doorstep, they will have the reassurance needed to make the leap to electric.

Green 2 Delivery attended the Transport and Energy Forum Event on 17th November 2022, an inaugural event designed to bring together transport and logistics professionals from around the country. We were kindly invited to the event by T&E Director, Alec Peachey, and were proud to be named as platinum sponsors of the event, as the net-zero movement is something we are incredibly passionate about.

Company Co-Founders Lee Sibley (right) and Jason Atkins (2nd left) attended the event, along with Marketing Director Chris Burton (2nd right), L&D Manager John Marshall (left), and Sales Manager Anita Vavan. We were joined by Linda Grave, Founder of EV Driver, Liam Campbell from Vital EV Solutions, James Venables from Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK, and Declan O’brien from UBS Asset Management.

The event attracted an impressive following, with the likes of National Highways and Cenex sitting among supporters. With more than 25 speaker slots confirmed throughout the day, we were given an invaluable insight into the bigger picture of the decarbonisation movement, and great opportunities to network with new and existing contacts.

The event was a well-crafted mix of individual speakers, panel discussions, and networking sessions, with every speaker bringing something unique and engaging to the table. It is rare that the opportunity to present and discuss with such passionate and like-minded professionals comes up, so we were delighted to present our views to the wider audience.

Our Marketing Director, Chris Burton, gave a powerful presentation titled ‘Driving the green distribution evolution.’ The presentation covered the key elements of our plan to create a fully sustainable delivery network, and Chris engaged with the audience through interactive elements, and questions surrounding key statistics. Sharing the potential of green logistics is something we feel strongly about, and the feedback received from the room was incredibly positive and supportive.

Later in the event, our Learning and Development Manager, John Marshall, took part in a panel debate surrounding the HGVzero movement, alongside speakers from National Grid, XPO Logistics, and Innovation Gateway. Johns background in logistics and haulage provided a great look into the concerns and challenges surrounding making a net-zero HGV model, and the panel dug deep into the movement, suggesting solutions to move forward.

The event provided all attendees with a real opportunity to learn and engage, and as a business we managed to take away a lot of key information, which we will look to use as we diversify and expand. Evening entertainment gave all delegates the chance to let their hair down and reflect on the event, which was a huge success.

Overall, the event showed not only the ‘readiness’ of the industry, and the urge to decarbonise logistics, but also the benefits to collaboration as a wider network.

We strongly believe that the key to pushing through the process, and achieving 2050 net-zero emissions, is to collaborate with other businesses throughout. There is clearly still some way to go before we can all boast a ‘net-zero’ status, but by putting our heads together as an industry, and continuing to educate and support each other, we are confident that change is achievable.

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