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Extra Services

Moving a Couch

Room of Choice

Here at Green2, we provide as of standard within our pricing structure a minimum delivery to room of choice.


We will happily deliver all the products to the retailer's client-specific chosen room.


The customer will be questioned regarding this at the point of confirming the delivery date

Packaging Removal

Upon delivery into the room of choice, the retailer's client can have a choice if they would like the product unpacked and for the packaging to be taken away.


This will then be recycled by ourselves in line with our commitment to the environment. 



So, after our trained crews have delivered the item into the room of choice, the client then has the option if they would like the item unpacked and fully assembled.


The full service and one that is becoming even more popular in people's choices of what they think consists of home delivery. 

Recycling Service

Is the product being delivered replacing an old unwanted item? If so, we can help deal with that situation. We provide a recycling service for all replacement items.


Once it has been taken away, whether it's replacing an item or for instance, a client has a mattress as well that they no longer need, we will happily take it away and then, in an environmentally safe way, have all items recycled with our trusted recycling partners. 

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