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Great British EV rally helps dispel range anxiety

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The Rally ran from 4 -8 July and saw teams travelling from John O’Groats to Land’s End – more than 1,200 miles – to showcase the capabilities of electric vehicles (EV) and the extent of the UK’s charging networks. It’s an event supported by a range of big businesses, including Ovo Energy, Mitie, DPD and BP Pulse, as well as SMEs such as supply chain solutions provider Green 2 Delivery. More than 50 drivers took part.

It was from Green 2 Delivery that edie received a post-Rally update on the event. Co-founders Lee Sibley and Jason Atkins took part for the first time in a pair of Mercedes-Benz eVito bans and their experience during the Rally has reignited their desire to push for better charging infrastructure for private sector EVs, especially larger models.

Sibley said: “One challenge was competing with the public at chargers and making sure that you used ones which were slightly out of the way. The charging infrastructure throughout was amazing and there really is no issue around being able to get a charge. When you’re travelling on some of the main motorways you do have to consider the fact that you may have to wait a little longer for a charger to become available.”

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