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Our 2nd epic, all-electric van journey from Essex to Hanover, Germany - and back!

The logistics industry says it’s impossible to convert to an all-electric fleet until batteries get better - but we’re proving different! We’ve already completed the John O’Groats to Lands end cross-Britain journey, now we’re conquering the Continent, too!

Green2 Co-Founders Jason Atkins and Lee Sibley took to the roads of Europe last week, as they travelled from Green2 HQ in Essex, across to Hanover in Germany to visit the IAA Transport Show 2022. The journey was made possible thanks to Rygor Commercials, and the Green2 branded eVito van provided, with the support of Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK.

The entire journey took just under 40 hours to complete, with more than half of this time being spent on the road. The team completed 11 charges across their journey and gained a great insight as to how the EV charging infrastructure is laid out outside of the UK.

We were grateful to be supported by Paua and met Niall Riddell from Paua at our first charge point in Maidstone, UK, to collect our charging card. The team used Ionity charge points along the way and were impressed by how easy it was to access EV charging points on journeys across Europe.

Check out the full vlog from our Co-Founder Lee Sibley below:

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