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Tackling high carbon logistics: Green2 joins HGVzero panel

As efforts to decarbonise logistics continue to ramp up, logistics businesses are experiencing increased pressure to lower their carbon emissions. Removing diesel powered fleets from UK logistics altogether is no mean feat, and without careful planning, strong infrastructure, and wider industry support, businesses may struggle to achieve this by 2030.

That is where action groups like HGVzero come in. A strong, motivated collaboration of some of the biggest and most influential powers in road haulage have decided to join forces to address critical market challenges, and speed up the decarbonisation process.

For the Green2 team, it was an easy decision to join, having spent the last year collaborating with other EV businesses to promote and develop zero emissions road transport. We are grateful to be able to work on this project alongside some real powerhouses in the UK logistics industry, support the HGV zero emission movement, and further educate other companies to allow them to do the same.

The HGVzero23 programme kicks off on 16th March, with regular meetings and a highly structured framework allowing participants to address issues and promote change. Members are given access to the HGVzero hub, which further supports businesses like Green2 to learn more, and action more.

With 2030 only 7 years away, operations like this are crucial to the logistics industry turnaround, and getting logistics superpowers working together is key to achieving success. We look forward to sharing our findings and achievements throughout the programme.

To find out more about the HGVzero23 programme, visit:

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